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[Jun. 14th, 2014|07:43 am]
Role Players Paradise



This game is taking the DC Universe and offering it to the player. It's pre new 52. The Justice League follow in the footsteps of the Justice society. The Teen Titans, composed of several sidekicks of the JLA, is formed. Many foes native to earth pose a threat to the peace and order of many parts of the world in a world of uncertainty heroes rise to the challenge to meet them head on. How they are played and how we get there is up to us, the players. This game is mostly comic canon with some Show (smallville,Arrow.) or movie knowledge just to accommodate as many as we could. It is all up to you, as the player. You are more than welcome. Looking forward to hearing back. P.S. Under new management as well.
leaguersmod | thedcverse | thedcverseooc

This is mostly a pre-new52 game but new 52 characters will be accepted. Due to a massive in activity purge we have spot looking to be filled. We are looking for friendly and active players just looking to have fun and write with other fans of the dc universe.

We are looking for characters for a Justice league DC verse game.

any interested party's please leave a comment on the wanted page.Right here .

These are all WANTED character for in game plot and story lines.

Hal Jordan
The Flash
Martian Manhunter
John Stewart
Robin Or Red robin
Kid Flash
Captain Marvel
Blue beetle
Alan Scott
Mister Terrific
Dr. Mid-Nite